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TC CHAPTER 1: Prince In A Shining Car


CHAPTER 1: Prince In A Shining Car…

Running late for work again.. Its a fine day though.. I’m gonna see my friends after.. So I hope I’ll finish work as early as I can..

"Damn GD! You’re thinking of getting out from work so early, when you even are late for work already!"I mumbled to myself.

Just a few steps more..

"Ohayo!" I exclaimed when I got in to the small Japanese coffee shop.

It’s where I work, I serve as a barista and I love my work, except for my boss, who always reaks of cigarette and always yells at me when I’m late and—..

"GD! Why the hell are you late again?" and there, scolding me again.

"I’m sorry boss. I wasn’t able to set my alarm clock, I slept too much."

"Is that a good reason for you to be late? You need to be here 7 in the morning not 8 in the morning! You’re late for an hour, bastard!"

I bowed down my head because of humiliation. Everyone in the coffee shop is looking at me, all with pity on their faces.

"I’m sorry boss.." I apologized.

"Next time that you’ll be late again, I’ll fire you!" he said leaving me there almost teary eyed.

"Sumimasen! Sumimasen!" I apologized to all of the people in the coffee shop who saw me in such situation..­­

"You always make my day complete GD." I heard his voice.

Why is he here again? I hate seeing him, actually, I hate myself coz he always finds me in this kind of situation, EVERY FREAKING DAY!!!

He suddenly grabbed me to face him.

"Eehh!! What are you doing? Baka!" I said, coz our faces are just inches away, we could kiss if we moved..

"Nani?" he asked, with his lips forming a sardonic smile.

I pushed him hard but he is just too strong.

"Let me go TOP! Baka! Baka!" I shouted. All of the people in the coffee shop were back to their business. They are used to how we bicker on each other, like how I am late, EVERY FREAKING DAY.

"If that’s what you wish, little GD.." he said, letting me go.

"Tss, stop making me feel misserable when I am already misserable TOP.." I said, leaving him there.

TOP, is one of the coffee shop costumer. You would all ask why am I treating him that way. I know, coz he is a costumer and I am just a freaking barista, serving a costumer.

Because he is also, my brother’s friend. I don’t get it anyway, why is he always here, when it is so far from his house. And it is just so weird, why he always wants to see me suffering.

"Arigato Taec-sama.."

It is always like this here, we serve our costumer in a nice way, they almost feel like they are our master.

"Are you getting out early?" asked by Riri-chan.

"I don’t know. Boss is so mad at me, I think he won’t let me off early today. You saw how he scolded me this morning.." I answered.

"But, GD-san, you promised the pack that you’ll go out with us tonight. I even asked my sister to join us, you know how she likes you so much."

"Eeettoo, I’ll see what I can do. But for now, let’s get back to work.."

I don’t know how I will tell Riri-chan that I don’t have any interest in her sister. I don’t want him to hate me at the end. He is the only person that always helps me whenever I needed one.

Except if it comes to money of course.. (-_-)

"By the way, boss wanted to see you on his office, he told me to tell you. He said, immediately after throwing the rubbish.."

"Okay then,"

After throwing the garbage, I went to boss’ office, and as usual, it reaks of cigarrete again. Soon, he’ll die of lung cancer. Well, jest!

"Sit down.." he said, well rather commanded.

I sat down to the sofa facing his office table where he sat down while smoking.

"As you well know, the coffee shop needs to cut down some expenses due to the recession. The economic here is falling down.. So.."

"So, what it is boss?" I asked..

"We need to let you go.. As you know, you’re the most pain in the ass here, aside from being late everyday, you always break mugs and plates out of your clumsiness." he said matter-of-factly.


"I’m sorry GD but this is your last day. You can check your last payment on your bank account first thing in the morning.. With, deduction to the new mug you broke awhile ago.. You can now go.." He said, and started to light up a new cigarrette.

I was dumbfounded, struck by his words.. WTH!! Did I just lost my job??

But I love my job, I need my job to pay my rent, to serve me food on my table, and to pay my other bills, especially, my freaking cellphone bill!!!!

"Why are you still sitted there? Go back to work, you still need to work until 9.."

He pisses me off, he always humiliates me infront of everyone. He never gave me any BONUS! I was the only one from the old batch of his workers who stayed even though I knew that the coffee shop was on the verge of closing. There were lots of opportunities but I let them fly away because I loved this coffee shop. I love the people here. I respected my boss, even though sometimes it’s too hard for me to get his attitude right..

"Doushite? Why me?" I blurted out.

He was shocked to what I said. But he only gave me a non-disapproving look.

"I thought I already made it clear?" he said.

"D-demo, they weren’t enough! You could have at least given me enough time to at least find another job, before you kick me out here!" I yelled..

He smirked.

"Do you think I would decide for this if you weren’t fucking late this morning? I would have changed my mind and just forget about the fucking recession. But i’m too pissed thinking about you doing things wrong around here and the fucking problem here in the coffee shop. So, rather than thinking two problems, I’d choose thinking the much more serious problem. Now go! Before I drag you outta here!" he yelled back.

I was even more shocked to what he said.

If that is how am I to him, then I better off just go.

"So, I guess this is it? Goodbye Seven-san.."

I took off my apron and threw it to the floor. Before I valued my apron so much, like a baby, but now, it just gave me a bitter feeling, while wearing it.

I walked to my apartment with a heavy shoulder. I wasn’t even able to say goodbye to the other crews. Psh! What a waste! Where to get another job again? (ToT)

"Ouch!" when I suddenly tripped unto something coz I wasn’t looking to where I am walking.

But when I looked on the way, just before my appartment’s door, I saw all of my things thrown away there, scattered, like some earthquake dropped by just to say this day sucks!

I looked on my appartment door, and saw a yellow band paper. It was a notice from my landlord telling me to find another appartment. He was saying about me always getting my payment late to the deadline.

"Where am I going to sleep now?" tears are forming around my eyes. What a bad day is it?

Firstly I got humiliated infront of all the people in the coffee shop, next thing I knew, I got myself fired. And now, I won’t have any shelter or a warm bed to sleep now tonight..

**Krruukkkk** That’s just my stomach , telling me how hungry I am.

I sat down to the sofa, who was also thrown away outside my appartment, I mean ex-appartment. When suddenly, a car’s headlight was on me on the spot, it was so bright I can’t see who the driver is..

"What the hell—!!"

I heard how the car clicked to open-and-locked.

It was too bright, I can’t see who came out from the car. Then suddenly, he talked..

"Why are you outside with all your things thrown away like some earthquake just dropped by??"

I heard that smug voice again, I didn’t know but those forming tears a while ago came pouring suddenly.

"I-I was… T-Theo…" I can’t just say anything, I was just there sobbing my heart out..

Maybe, I’m the most unlucky person in the world today..

"Hush," he came towards me and held my face.

I was kinda shocked to his gesture, I think I even felt my face flushed. This is kinda embarrasing, him holding my face. But should I think about that this time? Ain’t I have so much problem than him embarrassingly holding my face??

"You can come with me.." he said, calming me.


"No but’s, just come into my house tonight, you can go and find another appartment tomorrow. Just tonight, I know that you don’t have anywhere to go."


He smiled.

"Yes," he helped me get some clothes from the cabinet that was outside my ex-appartment.

"Wait, how about my things, don’t you think, they might get all of my things? I mean, someone might steal all of it.." i said worried about my thrown out things.

"Do you think there would be someone who is stupid enough that’ll interest your things? They look like rubbish.."

I looked at him with my darted eyes. Is he mocking me again?

He smiled.

"Don’t worry, I’ll call someone to pick them up later," he added, maybe to assure me it won’t be stolen.

I nodded, and followed him to his red shiny sports car.

I don’t know how TOP or Theodore Olthford Prince, became my brother’s friend. I just found out when he intorduced himself to me one day at the coffee shop.

"Are you Gab or should I call you GD?" the weird tall costumer asked me.

It was my first time seeing him here. And why would he ask if my name is GD or Gab? Can’t he see my name plate?

"Uhm, yeah, I am GD.." I answered politely, I don’t wanna be called rude, boss might kick me in the ass if ever.

"That’s great, so you’re Gareth’s brother.."

If he was weird looking especially with his black sunglasses on, it was even more weird to hear my brother’s name from him. Is he my brother’s acquaintance?

"Eetttoo, are you friends with my brother?" I asked out of nothing to say.

"Yeah, way back in high school.." he said while smirking.

Eh? What’s wrong with that smile?

"Oh, nice to meet you then," I said and went on with my work.

He comes back again the next day, pissing me. Ordering a lot, then asking me to eat with him. Boss would do anything what the costumer asks, thats why, I don’t have the right to refuse.

I would sit to the usual spot at the coffee shop with him, listening to his stories, well he is a writer by the way.

I’m not into books, that’s why I don’t know him. But a lot of girls in the coffee shop, would come asking for his signature/autograph, maybe he’s that famous.

But do I have to care about that?

He comes everyday pestering me, I got used to it. But still, it embarass me whenever he tries to grope me. I mean, he is a man and I am a man. That joke isn’t normal, is it????

We stopped on a five star condo building. His unit is on the top most of the building. It was my first time being here. I really don;t have any intentions on being here but, what can I do? I was kicked out from my own appartment, I mean ex-appartment.

We’re infront of his unit. He is looking at me when suddenly, ——


I was shocked. Did he just said that he loves me? B-but, I’m a man!

Then, —- a girl talked..
"Voice, confirmed… Welcome.."

Eeehhh??? So, the unit was voice automated??? And—— his password is “DAISUKI” ??? Which means “I love you”.. ??? (~////~) What am I thinking??

"What happened to your face. You’re flushed, are you alright?" he asked, while smiling suspiciously.

"Ehh?? Uhmm.. No, it was just my first time seeing a voice automated lock.."

"Yeah? Come in.."

We walked through the hallway of his unit. I think it is much bigger than the other units here. He got the penth house unit actually, so I think that is expected. But i didn’t know he is this rich.

"I’ll get the guess room ready for you. Suit yourself, there’s the fridge, if you need something to drink. Feel at home."

He walked and went on getting the stairs.

I think, I should thank him for letting me in tonight. If he weren’t there, I’d be sleeping in the streets by now.

"Uhmm.. TOP!"

He looked back.


"A-ahh, uhm.. Thank you.."

He walked back to me. Then he suddenly, hold my chin.

"Well, you can’t thank me. I’m not letting you sleep here for free.." he whispered through my ears.

Goose bumps!! I think I’m sweating, why does it feel suddenly so hot in here??

Without further notice. He begun maneuvering my face again, then pooped!

Our lips met!

Wide eyed, I was really shocked!

He is trying to make me respond to his kiss, but —- eehhh —- I dunno how!

Baka! Why would I think about responding! He is a man, I am a man! This is wrong!

"Uhhmmm..—" I tried to stop him. He is too strong for me.

Doesn’t it get better? Why is this happening to me? I think every bad thing has happened to me already.. And now, I’m being harassed!!

I thought, I’m not going to cry anymore tonight.. But I just can’t stop myself from crying again..

TOP, suddenly stopped kissing me. Maybe he felt the falling tears on my face.

"Are you alright??" he asked, looking at me with concern. "I’m sorry, I didn’t know, you wouldn’t like that.." then he hugged me tight.. "I’m so sorry GD, I’m so sorry.." he keep repeating..

I felt how sincere his sorry is, that’s why I responded to his hug. He is not bad, maybe I just over reacted to what he did.

"Daijubo, it’s okay."

"Gomen-ne, Gab.. Gomen nasai," he said while looking at me with intense feeling in his eyes.

"Eehhh!! Baka!! Why do you have to kiss me anyway??"



—-I love you…”

(O///////O) ????

"His life is but just ordinary, a working student with average grade. But unlucky days are just normal too, except when he met Theodore a.k.a TOP. What if the normal unlucky days becomes too much to bear for Gab a.k.a GD , and a prince will lend a hand to help ? Will he accept it? What if this prince has a lot of commitment, and that is to serve what the Blue Book orders? What is the Blue Book? Who is the prince? And what are the other secrets behind this charade? Will he find the answers to all of this questions? Will he find out that he is stuck in a world between ordinary and extraordinary?…"

"His life is but just ordinary, a working student with average grade. But unlucky days are just normal too, except when he met Theodore a.k.a TOP. What if the normal unlucky days becomes too much to bear for Gab a.k.a GD , and a prince will lend a hand to help ? Will he accept it? What if this prince has a lot of commitment, and that is to serve what the Blue Book orders? What is the Blue Book? Who is the prince? And what are the other secrets behind this charade? Will he find the answers to all of this questions? Will he find out that he is stuck in a world between ordinary and extraordinary?…"

I’m BACK!!!!

For more than a month of being gone due to shitload of reason now I’m back.. I’ll be posting same genre of pictures and I am happy to anounce that I’d be posting YAOI Fanfics too (made by me if I’m not lazy) .. So lemme start again todays new fanfic.. Wait a minute until I finish the cover for y’all my friends!!! love yah yaoi fans.. mwah

Jongin finds himself staring at a certain petite figure on the stage as the soft, angelic melody of Bossa Nova being played by the band. Even under the dim light, Kyungsoo’s beauty still shines brightly and Jongin feels like he’s being trapped under Kyungsoo’s spell. It’s not the first night he comes to this Bar -or more like a Cabaret Jongin thinks- to see Kyungsoo. He’s always been a regular at the place ever since he saw Kyungsoo performed on the stage two months ago, captivated by those beautiful sparkling orbs and heart-shaped lips. He knows that it’s all wrong, deep inside he’s dying because of the guilt that has been piling up along with his growing feelings toward the singer. Because Jongin knows, while he’s sitting here on his usual spot right in front of the stage, Baekhyun is probably waiting for him to come back home.

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I draw flower crowns on men because I can (◕‿◕✿)

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Worth it?

was it worth it?? was it worth it?? after finding, then confinding.. did it work out?? or i’m the one to blame now?? coz all i wanna do is love you, when all you love is her.. 


And that morning in a cold hospital room, Jongdae drew a heart with his finger on his lover’s palm before he made him hold it, as if he was giving back Baekhyun’s heart that he took when they were seventeen, so that Baekhyun could love again. Because Jongdae didn’t want Baekhyun to feel left behind, because Jongdae wanted him to be happy.

(Jongdae’s Point of View of this edit)

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clicks, OK.

clicks, OK.

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